Rose Barton Illustration

My creative passion and expertise in creating digital illustrations to brief for editorial, advertising, packaging, conceptual and marketing collateral enables you to be assured of a unique and appropriate illustration for your project every time.

For over 20 years I have produced unique illustrations for a broad range of media requirements across a range of markets and for a variety of disciplines in the creative:

How do I work...

Stage 1: You supply a brief and we discuss any initial creative ideas.
Stage 2: I then intend to carry out extensive research.
Stage 3: For your proofing purposes I will create a greyscale compositional illustration to brief using my own photography and imagery.
Stage 4: You will receive a digital proof via email for your consideration and I will reveise upon your feedback, if required.
Stage 5: I will then establish an appropriate colour palette and produce full colour illustration and submit proof for final approval.
Stage 6: On your final approval you will receive a print quality digital file via email or on to ftp for your print needs.

All of my illustrations are copyright protected and licenses are available for a variety of uses.